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Welcome to uffen.no, a website dedicated to old computer games, music and Calvin & Hobbes.
The Old Games Archive contains old pc games, along with some remakes of old classics. All may be downloaded freely.
I also suggest that you check out the C64 Nostalgia page. A nostalgic trip back to the days of the great Commodore 64 computer! This page offers C64 emulators and a small selection of games for download.
The Calvin & Hobbes section is my personal tribute to the characters and the author, and has lots of info, comic strips and even a few animated strips from the cartoon.
The Christian metal page presents a selection of some of the greatest Christian metal bands, both past and present.


  • May 2022: Small updates and fixes

  • February 2020: Updated the Christian metal page.

  • February 2020: Fixed broken links.

Calvin & Hobbes - A short introduction

To see more of Calvin & Hobbes click on their button in the menu.

2022 Ulf Aasen

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