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Welcome to uffen.org, a website dedicated to old computer games, music and Calvin & Hobbes.
The Old Games Archive contains old pc games, along with some remakes of old classics. All may be downloaded freely.
I also suggest that you check out the C64 Nostalgia page. A nostalgic trip back to the days of the great Commodore 64 computer! This page offers C64 emulators and a small selection of games for download.
The Calvin & Hobbes section is my personal tribute to the characters and the author, and has lots of info, comic strips and even animated strips from the cartoon.
The Christian metal page presents a selection of some of the greatest Christian metal bands, both past and present.


  • Added "next/previous page" navigation buttons to the Calvin & Hobbes pages.
  • Updates to The Old Games Archive, and the Bill Watterson page in the C&H section.
  • Some broken links fixed, along with a minor update of the Christian metal page.
  • All problems in the Calvin & Hobbes section is fixed.
  • Up and running again! A few things are still waiting to be added, but everything that is published is close to 100%.
  • Started a total remake of uffen.org. Both design and content will be revised and changed. The design started looking old and outdated, and much of the content needed a renewal.

Calvin & Hobbes - A short introduction

To see more of Calvin & Hobbes click on their button in the menu.

These pages are best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024*768 or higher.

2012 Ulf Aasen

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