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Calvin & school
Calvin & Hobbes

School is not without problems for the relatively wimpy Calvin. He is constantly bullied by the bigger and stronger Moe. He beats Calvin up and blackmails him on a regular basis...

Luckily Calvin has one advantage; he is way smarter than Moe, who must be said to have a minimal brain capacity. This often saves Calvin from being beaten up. He's afraid to tell anyone about the harassment, fearing that this would only make things worse. The only one he dares to confide in is Hobbes.

One of the reasons that Calvin is being pushed around is that he's the only boy that still stays in the playground, while all the other boys play baseball. Because Calvin is isolated from other boys in recess, he has problems functioning socially. The fact that he has not learned the basic rules of baseball does not make his situation any easier.

It seems like Moe lacks self-confidence, and therefore uses Calvin to assert himself. Moe considers himself so close to grown-up that he has already started to shave. At the same time however, he also plays just like any other six year old. This often makes Calvin the victim, if he has occupied the car or swing that Moe wants to use.

Moe has his strong points, but unfortunately for Calvin, this also results in him being the victim. Moe is very good at wrestling, and in gym class Calvin is always selected as his wrestling partner. Calvin strongly suspects his gym teacher of believing that violence is a part of gym practice. Because of the way he is treated by Moe, Calvin tries to talk Hobbes into eating him, in the name of justice. Hobbes however can't quite see the justice in him being the one that has to eat this smelly little kid...


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