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Background for the pages
Calvin & Hobbes

Welcome to my Calvin & Hobbes page!

One of the few interviews ever given by Bill Watterson!

History/ background for the page:

This page is based upon a project work, written in school, by myself and a friend of mine, in our last college year.

My reason for creating this page is first of all my huge interest in Calvin & Hobbes. I also want to offer a different Calvin & Hobbes page, to everyone interested in cartoons. I believe this to be a serious C&H page. It has taken me months of work, and an unknown number of phone calls and letters to finish it. Here you'll find the background for the cartoon, how it came into being, the story of Bill Watterson (...and even an interview!!!!), analyses of the characters in the series along with it's theme, lots of humor, Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, animated strips, and C&H downloads!

You are not allowed to use the material found on these pages without permission!

All text is (C)
Ulf Aasen & Frank Aanonsen, except where noted.

All original Calvin & Hobbes images are (C)
Bill Watterson & Universal Press Syndicate.

How it all started:

In our last year of college we were given an assignment to study a famous author, and write a subject about this person and his works, in at least 20 pages. While most of the other students in my class chose Henrik Ibsen and similar authors, one of my classmates came up with the idea of writing about Bill Watterson. We both came to the conclusion that Watterson was way more fun than Ibsen, (..really????) so we told our teacher about the idea, and luckily he thought it was exciting.

It is this assignment/subject that I present here on my page, only some minor changes has been made. Big thanks goes to the Norwegian publishing firm; Bladkompaniet AS, Norwegian papers, and to my good friend Frank Aanonsen who wrote this together with me back in college. (It sure was fun!!)

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